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A series of single release small batch Rums, created using locally grown ingredients, our Australian built copper still & unique oak barrels, previously used for local

beer, wine & spirits.

These rums have been selected specifically for their story, their flavour profile & their quality, allowing you to discover a new world of Australian Rum.

Distinctly different & uniquely Australian.

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Our fourth instalment of the Select Cask Series is here - #004 Ginger Beer Finish! This release was born from a happy accident. Back in 2022, we received a low carbonated batch of our Sparkling Spiced Ginger Beer + Native Finger Lime ready to drink cocktail. Steadfast on not wasting this gloriously tasting, although less than bubbly batch, our Head Distiller, Shane Casey, determined to turn this mishap into an opportunity to create something extraordinary.


Matured in a selection of French & American Oak wine barrels and finished for one month in Spiced Ginger Beer barrels, this short finish time has added a bright ginger kick to an already rich rum flavour profile, also showing notes of lime, vanilla, cinnamon, honey, stone fruit and Anzac biscuits.

2,384 bottles created.

ABV 43%


Our first cask strength release has been matured in a single French Oak ex-pinot gris barrel from Brokenwood Wines in the Hunter Valley, NSW.  The influence from this barrel has allowed the rum to reflect a bold & unique profile, with our signature full bodied mouth feel & rich, inviting aroma.

Our Pinot Gris limited-release boasts notes of lemon curd, custard, honey, rockmelon, apricot, s'mores, buttered popcorn, and salted caramel.

This Rum has been bottles at cask strength, to retain the perfect state we have matured to. 

Just 350 bottles created.

ABV 60.7%

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This handcrafted Rum has been aged in 225LT French Oak Casks, previously housing premium Hunter Valley Shiraz. This has led to a rich oak & dark fruit flavour profile, with a base of vanilla & baking spice developing over three years of maturation.

The Rum was then decanted & finished for a further three months in 500LT American Oak Tawny puncheons, offering up intense sweetness, further oak & notes of raisin, maple & candied fruits. 


The second release of the Brix Select Cask Series.

1136 bottles created.

ABV 48.1%


Our first Sydney aged Brix Rum is here.

 The Select Cask Series - Stout Barrel Release. 


After 4 years of long and patient work, we've created a range of stunning Australian rum expressions made from the highest quality ingredients.


Matured for 3 years in 200LT American Oak casks, previously housing Stockade Brewery's Imperial Stout, this bold and well-rounded rum is set to make a mark on the Australian rum scene. 

Brix Head Distiller, Shane Casey says "This Stout Barrel Release delivers tasting notes of peach, apricot, rose, vanilla, toasted marshmallows, dark chocolate, coffee and an umami note of Salty White Miso; a one-of-a-kind fusion of flavours. I'm so proud of what we have achieved and I'm looking forward to sharing this rum with the world."

Just 585 bottles created.

ABV 45.2%


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