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We salute rum’s dark history, but we strive for its bright future. This is much more than a proud rediscovery of Sydney’s adventurous, free-booting heritage where rum was the spirit of choice and the fuel of rebellion. It’s about educating a new, more discerning audience to appreciate the qualities and subtleties of one of the world’s great spirits.

Founded in 2017 by Damien Barrow, James Christopher, and Sid Soin, these rum-loving mates could see that rum in Australia wasn't being reflected in the right light, so they set out for change.


Hand-crafted through small batch production, we're proud to say that we use no artificial flavours or colours, just the highest quality ingredients, native or locally sourced wherever possible and the best quality barrels to create the well-rounded & complex flavours of our range of rums.

We have set out to Reinvent Australian Rum.

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Isn't she a beauty?! Molly is an Australian made, 1800L copper pot still with a hybrid 5-plate column. She was custom made in Ballarat to produce the unique Brix flavour profile, rich aromatics, and deep complexities.

Molly works day in & day out to produce our rums and being a hybrid still (pot still with a column) she allows us to produce a variety of styles of spirit, from our light & fresh cane spirit, to bolder & richer rums to go into barrel for maturation. 


Here's to Molly!

She deserves a round of applause.

What a legend.

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Our Head Distiller Shane Casey hails from the Hawksbury in Sydney’s West. Shane was set to continue the family business as a third-generation boilermaker, but lucky for us, his passion for spirits, engineering and backyard brewing got in the way and lured him to the alcohol production.

Shane's background in the industry ranges from brewing beer to making whisky & gin, but his true passion lies with rum.⁠ Wanting to focus on his spirit of choice, Shane jumped at the opportunity after meeting the boys from Brix, realizing their shared love of a quality dram.⁠

Shane now leads a team of industry professionals, developing processes & recipes to create new and exciting rum products for Brix as well as lovingly managing the Brix Barrelhouse, ensuring our rums are maturing at the right pace for our signature flavour.

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We spend a lot of our time sourcing the best quality barrels from the amazing wineries, breweries & distilleries around Australia. The Brix wood policy ensures that all the barrels we source have previously held Australian liquid, whether that's wine, beer or spirits. 

This not only gives us great Australian made alcohol to draw flavour from, but it allows for upcycling, recycling and supports the oversupply of barrels. It's a sustainable practice, but it also contributes heavily to our unique Brix flavour as the previous liquid's flavour permeates through our rum's DNA.

We inspect, wash & test every barrel before filling to ensure our rum matures in the perfect environment & has every opportunity to develop depth & flavour over time.

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 Brix White/Cane Spirit

World's Best Unaged Rum - 2020 World Rum Awards

World's Best Unaged Rum - 2022 World Rum Awards

Silver Medal - 2021 Tasting Australia Spirit Awards

Silver Medal - 2020 Australian International Spirits Competition

Silver Medal - 2019 San Francisco World Spirits Competition 

Voted #7 - 2021 Hottest 100 Australian Spirits - Australian Bartender Magazine 

Select Cask Series, Tawny Finish

Double Gold Trophy - 2022 Australian Rum Awards 

Gold Medal - 2022 Australian Distilled Spirits Awards

Gold Medal - 2022 Tasting Australia Spirit Awards

Select Cask Series, Stout Barrel Release

Silver Medal - 2022 Australian Distilled Spirits Awards

Silver Medal - 2022 Australian Rum Awards

Brix Spiced Rum

Silver Medal - 2020 Australian International Spirits Competition

Silver Medal - 2019 Australian Distilled Spirits Awards

Silver Medal - 2019 San Francisco World Spirits Competition

Bronze Medal - 2019 American Distilling Institute Craft Spirits Awards

Citrus Got Real 2022, Blood Orange

Best Rum Liqueur - 2022 Australian Rum Awards

Gold Medal - 2022 Tasting Australia Spirit Awards

Gold Medal - 2022 Australian Distilled Spirits Awards

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°Bx: Brix is a measure of dissolved solids in liquid, commonly used to measure sugar in an aqueous solution.

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