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Join us at Brix as we buddy up with a different Craft Distillery to showcase the best of Aussie Spirits!

We live and breathe rum, but that doesn't mean we don't have appreciation for all spirits! That's why we know that some of the world's best spirits are produced right here in our backyard.

This month we're doing things a bit differently. We're buddying up with two fellow Rum-loving distilleries: 


JimmyRum & Winding Road Distilling Co!

 Our Distillery Buddies nights feature spirits neat, in cocktails and matched with a delicious menu from the Brix kitchen.

Throughout the evening you'll taste our feature guest's range of spirits alongside Brix Rums, share a delicious feast, a few cocktails and hear from the distilling team in both camps as to how we make our spirits.


It's all about putting great Australian spirits in the limelight!


We can't wait...See you there!



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When: Thursday, 22nd June, 6PM
Location: Brix Distillers, 350 Bourke Street,

Surry Hills 

Each ticket includes: 

Welcome Drink

Winding Road Rums

JimmyRum Rums

 Brix Rums


Food to Match each combo 

Tickets are limited - jump on these quick. 

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A 20 year career at sea as a marine engineer was coming to an end for JimmyRum founder James when he started a ridiculous rumour of opening a rum distillery. The idea started to grow and before he knew it, he was on a trip to North America, the Caribbean and Europe to do some deep and thorough research on craft distilling (it was a tough trip!).

Arriving home, well and truly bitten by the craft spirits industry, James was inspired by the incredible passion the distillers had for their product and the craft.So there you have it. Who’d have thought that a throwaway line would come true?

What started as a ridiculous rumour is now JimmyRum—a passion project to distil premium craft Australian rum. 

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Winding Road Distilling Co. was born from a love for unique spirits, a curious nature, and a strong sense of adventure.

Through the chance meeting of two people from different countries over twenty years ago, their journey has very much been along a winding road.


Not being ones to shy away from a challenge or something a little out of left field, co-founders Camille & Mark began their journey down this Winding Road.  Over the next few years they studied, trained, planned, schemed, and built; striving towards the goal of opening their distillery while simultaneously working to maintain their home and family life, careers, and sanity!

They have now realised their dream in Winding Road Distilling Co., hand-crafting unique spirits that celebrate the natural beauty and abundance of their Northern Rivers region.

Their goal is to produce artisan spirits that inspire a life’s journey infused with authenticity, curiosity, and enjoyment.

So, join us as our we combine forces with Winding Road + JimmyRum for one night of great craft spirits, tasty food, and a few words from each camp on producing distinctively Australian spirits. See you there!

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