> brix barrel club <

You can now take part in filling & owning your own barrel of crafted Australian rum. Our French & American oak barrels have been hand selected, re-sized and re-coopered in Australia by Craft Barrels, one of Australia's premier barrel sourcers & cooperages. Our barrels have had past lives ageing chardonnay, shiraz or whisky. Australian Tawny and Apera barrels also available.

The choice of influence is yours!

The barrels have varied levels of char, so you can decide which will create your own perfectly aged rum.


Our rum is hand crafted by fermenting Australian molasses with two specific types of yeast, then distilling in our custom made 1800LT copper pot still "Molly".

We source barrels from local wineries & international distilleries to impart the perfect amount of flavour, golden colour & aroma for this distinctly Australian style of rum.



You will spend time with our Head Distiller to dive deep into the workings of the distillery and design the type of rum you are wanting to create. You will then choose your barrel before filling, capping and branding, ready to mature for a full 2 years. After maturation, the rum is yours to enjoy!


  • Distillery Tour & Tasting for 4 people

  • Barrel Filling Experience with our Head Distiller.

  • Two 200ml samples of your Rum. One upon filling your barrel & another 12 months into the maturation period.

  • Choose to take the fully matured spirit in the barrel or have it bottled under a personalised label.

  • Membership to the Brix Barrel Club which entitles 10% discount in the bar.

  • Two seats to a Brix Rum Blending Masterclass.

> What Does It Cost? <

Our barrel options vary in size to suit different ageing periods & budgets.


5 litre barrel - $875.00

45% alc/vol - brix white, Aged Gold or spiced Rum

(no further onsite ageing required)


10 litre barrel - $2150.00

45% alc/vol take-away - brix white, Aged Gold or spiced Rum or

60% alc/vol - new make aged 2 years onsite


15 litre barrel - $2850.00

45% Alc/vol take-away - brix white, aged gold or spiced or

60% alc/vol - new make aged 2 years onsite


> over 15 litres charged at $130/litre <

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