Urban cane
2021 harvest

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2021 harvest LIMITED RELEASE 

australian sugarcane crushed, fermented & distilled in surry Hills indigenous yeasts

It’s a hard slog crushing sugar cane in the city. After a hard year of lockdowns and transport restrictions, we were limited in how much fresh sugarcane we could source from our cane farmer in southern Queensland.

From the 2021 October harvest, we were able to transport 2 tonnes of cane, resulting in a very limited batch of spirit. It was crushed, stalk by stalk, wild fermented over 2 weeks of a mild Sydney spring season & double pot distilled.

2021 Harvest opens with floral saffron & honey aromas followed by stonefruit & apple notes. The tropical palate of mango & coconut yoghurt shine through with a lingering finish of fennel & freshly cut grass.

Simply enjoyed over ice with a squeeze of lime, shake up the perfect daiquiri, or splash it with crushed sugar cane juice (if you can get it fresh enough). Urban Cane is a step away from our usual processes, but this spirit truly represents the agricultural land from which we have sourced our cane.


A true reflection of the city meeting our country.

Cane harvested: 26th October, 2021
Cane crushed: 28th October, 2021

Fermentation ABV - 7.8%
1st distillation ABV- 70.5%
2nd distillation ABV- 87.4%
Yeast strain - indigenous & wild
Unfined & Unfiltered



We love celebrating local talent, so  each of the Brix limited release labels features the work of an Aussie artist. For our Urban Cane 2021 Harvest we commissioned Melbourne artist and Honey Bones Gallery owner, Jeswri. 


We asked him to create a piece of art that reflected the agricultural nature of Urban Cane while showcasing a few of the flavours you'll taste in the 2021 harvest. 

We're stoked with what he created. Thanks Jeswri! 

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ti punch
 urban cane cocktail

As Martinique's national drink, the Ti Punch will have you drifting into Island Time. The addition of Urban Cane to this traditional recipe adds just the right amount of smoothness for a small, punchy and seriously enjoyable cocktail.


To make, you'll need:

60ml Brix Urban Cane
1 lime cheek
1 teaspoon of cane sugar


Place sugar in glass & squeeze lime over the sugar. Drop lime cheek in & add rum. Gently stir until dissolved. Ice optional.

 urban cane cocktail

A tropical highball set to impress. A complex flavour profile is created by mixing sweet ingredients with the bitter, aromatic flavours of the Fernet.


To make, you'll need:

45ml Urban Cane
20ml Pineapple juice
20ml Lime Juice
15ml Maraschino Liqueur
5ml Grenadine
10ml Fernet

Shake all ingredients except fernet with ice & strain over fresh ice. Float fernet & garnish with orange slices.

passion fruit caipirinha
 urban cane  cocktail

We've added an Urban Cane &  Passion Fruit twist to the Capirinha, one of our favourite Brazilian cocktails. Make it as a single serve, or in a large pitcher - It's a crowd pleaser for a sunny backyard party.


To make, you'll need:

45ml Brix Urban Cane
1 Passionfruit
3 lime wedges
1 teaspoon of honey

Muddle both fruits & honey in a shaker or jar. Add all other ingredients and shake well with ice. Garnish with lime wheel.