> distillery tours <

Distillery tours are a full sensory experience that allow you to take a deep dive into all stages of the rum making process with one of the Brix Team. They are a fantastic team building experience or can make for a very special date.


Tours run foraround 90 minutes and include a Brix tasting paddle with tastings of each of our rums.


You will learn how rich Australian molasses is turned, via our 1800lt copper still Molly' into the burnished spirit

swirling in your glass.


Watch fresh Queensland sugar cane being juiced, taste the actual molasses we ferment, smell the barrel staves to learn more about the maturation process and discover how to fully appreciate one of the worlds oldest and most diverse spirits.  

> Tour Sessions <

Currently Sundays only : 2pm

Group Bookings can be arranged by contacting us via the 


Our daytime distillery tours & tasting sessions cost $40.00 per person and include a deep dive into the workings of our

distillery plus a guided tasting flight of three of our rums with

one of the Brix team members.

Night tours are $65.00 per person & also include a drink on arrival

& a Brix cocktail after your tasting flight. 

Also included is a discount on Brix bottle purchases

made on the day of your tour.

Guests are welcome to stay for lunch or dinner

after their tour.

> guided tasting flight <

For those with time constraints, come in for a tasting flight. this is a 20-30 minute guided journey through the Brix range, looking at the aromas, flavours and processes of making each rum.