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Introducing our NEW Australian Core Range Rums

1 April 2023

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Brix Australian Rum, 

Brix Australian Spiced Rum + Brix Australian Cane Spirit 

Over the past 5 years, The Brix Team has been on a mission to build the profile of Australian Rum, challenge misconception and change perception. We have been striving to create delicious products that allow you, the consumer, to discover a new way of appreciating Rum and to educate Australians, so they can better understand what a good local Rum can be. To understand, that when made with love and care, great local ingredients, a master craftsperson at the helm and lots of passion, Rum can be adored alongside the great spirits of the world. 


Up until today, it has been no secret that Brix has been sourcing some of our aged Rum from Barbados, the birthplace of Rum & home to some of the best in the world. We have done so to help build our brand, to educate, appreciate and celebrate Rum (and to pay some bills along the way!). All the while, we have been filling barrels with our own newmake spirit and patiently waiting for these barrels to come of age. We couldn't have come this far without doing so (unless we decided to make gin) and Brix wouldn't have the strong brand presence and the association we have with Australian Rum today, without our beloved Brix Gold.  

Thank you old friend, but it's time we said goodbye..... 

Brix Australian Rum has arrived. 


Our Brix White has been a massive hit, winning amazing awards around the world, twice picking up the gong for the World's Best Unaged Rum at the World Rum Awards. An absolute testament to the quality of product that our Head Distiller Shane Casey creates in its unaged format. We have all been thinking for the past 5 years, "If it's this good unaged, what's it going to be like after years in a barrel as an aged Rum?"  

Well Rum lovers, we are all about to find out. 


It's now time for Brix White to evolve and in our ongoing pursuit to innovate and create, it will now encompass a 30% portion of aged Rum, removing it's colour through charcoal filtration, and adding roundness, boldness & further depth to it's profile. 

Having this quantity of aged Rum incorporated still does not allow us to label the product as a Rum (due to Australian maturation legislation from 1901), but we do hope it gets us one step closer to excellence. 

Brix White will now transition to become Brix Australian Cane Spirit.

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Brix Spiced Rum is also along for the evolution. We have been, up until today, incorporating some Brix Gold Rum into this product to add depth of flavour and a delicious vanilla note that the Barbados aged Rum brings. We now will be utilising our own Australian Rum as the base for Brix Spiced Rum, ageing in local red wine casks yet still infusing local spices, fruits & nuts to create it's bold and balanced flavour profile. 

Brix Spiced Rum has evolved. 

DSC_6436 (1).jpg

We are very proud to say that the day has come where we have stopped importing Rum & we are able to release the local Australian Rum we have been striving to produce during the first part of our long Rum journey. With enough mature stock on hand to send around the country, we are ecstatic to say that now, we can seriously begin to achieve what we set out to do. Reinvent Australian Rum. 


The entire Brix Team are all very proud of how far we have come. We thank you, our loyal supporters for helping us get here and we look forward to having you join us on the next leg of our journey. 



James Christopher 

Co-founder, Brix Distillers   


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