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350 Bourke Street, Surry Hills, NSW, 2010

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We salute Rum’s dark history, but we strive for it’s bright future.


But it’s much more than a proud rediscovery of Sydney’s adventurous,

free-booting heritage where rum was the spirit of choice

and the fuel of rebellion. 

It’s about educating a new, more discerning audience to appreciate the qualities and subtleties of one of the world’s great spirits. We want to

invite a new generation to share in our passion for

a forgotten drink.

at brix, we believe it's time for rum to grow up

The Brix vision is to share adventures and our passion for rum with everyone we come into contact with. We want to create a rum that can be enjoyed in the bars of Australia and in our own backyards. 

the brix range

 Our Surry Hills distillery offers a first-hand introduction into 

the world of rum.

Click here to book Distillery Tours & Tasting Sessions, get your tickets for our Rum Spicing Masterclasses or find out more about the unique experiences Brix has to offer. 

distillery experiences

brix distillery

bar & kitchen

Come explore rum and indulge in some delicious cocktails and food at the Brix bar & kitchen, with an expansive view of our distillery. 


Our food is inspired by South American and Caribbean flavours and goes perfectly with our popular rum cocktails. 

Private Dining | Group Bookings | Distillery Experiences

We love hosting parties at Brix and can customise events to suit all occasions. Whether you have a birthday to celebrate, a team activity to organise or a big bash to throw,

we can do it all.

Ask us about the unique experiences we offer.

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